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Early Wusthof RAD EM Dagger w Hanger

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Here's a nice example out fresh from the Vet's family. 1st thing you will notice when you pick this up is it weighs a ton! This blade is bright with a nice crisp motto that collectors love so much. The early double oval Wusthof maker mark is correctly placed below the RAD triangle symbol and Ges. Gesch. This blade rates Exc+. I'm sitting here looking at my pics and truly this is better in hand than it shows. There are some normal witness marks from where the runners have rested for 75yrs. and minor age spotting. It looks like someone put the blade against a rough edge cause it looks like they tries to sharpen it. There some marks near the cutting edge. I say tried to sharpen it cause it's not sharp. Regardless the blade is quite correct. Undented scabbard retains about 75%+ of factory glossy black paint with just normal period wear. Solid nickel fittings are beauties showing even patina that perfectly matches the hilt. The lower fitting amazingly has survived perfectly with no dents!! The handle is a beauty you will be happy with. The unchipped and uncracked horn has beautifully aged with multi-tones that only time can create. The screws retaining the grip plates are intact and unturned. The whole thing is early with only the best materials used. Shortly after this these things went downhill fast. You start to see cheaper lighter materials like steel or aluminum instead of solid nickel and brass. Included with this is the early one piece hanger/belt loop testifying to the early vintage of the dagger. This hanger was quickly abandon for the heavy bullet type in the 2nd year of production. The leather is dry and it's also worn 1/4 way through at the top but it's all there and it looks great on this piece! Shoot guys these hangers are $500 each! No not mint but untouched and as returned 60 years ago!

Rating:    Exc+
Item Number:    RAD-20295

Early Wusthof RAD EM Dagger w Hanger Early Wusthof RAD EM Dagger w Hanger Early Wusthof RAD EM Dagger w Hanger Early Wusthof RAD EM Dagger w Hanger Early Wusthof RAD EM Dagger w Hanger Early Wusthof RAD EM Dagger w Hanger

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