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Army Generals Visor by Erel

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A Schirmmütze Heeres General by Erel. It is constructed out of the highest quality field grey doe skin wool, with a dark green center band and gold bullion piping. Attached to the obverse is a die stamped, aluminum based, gold gilded army generals cap eagle and multi piece vented cockade and wreath. To the sides are two peened on multi piece aluminum/steel gold gilded pebbled side buttons that hold the golden bullion chin cord in place. The front also features a black lacquered visor peak with a cross hatched cream underside. The interior features a tan sweatband that is marked in silver “EREL Patent Stirnschutz” along with a golden silk lining. The eagles prongs are visible. The base of the lining has a clear moisture shield over the manufacturers logo which reads, in silver: “Offizier Kleiderkasse Berlin Ges. Gesch. Erel Berlin Sonderklasse”. The sweat band shows has minor wear to the outermost leather piece along with minor age wear/staining throughout. There is one hole and one thinning spot to the doe skin wool. Minor marks to the peak. I am being anal so you don’t have to be. You will not find a better textbook example in this kind of condition!

Rating:    NM
Item Number:    Vi-20307

Army Generals Visor by Erel Army Generals Visor by Erel Army Generals Visor by Erel Army Generals Visor by Erel Army Generals Visor by Erel Army Generals Visor by Erel

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