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Luftwaffe Winter Fur Cap

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Nice quality, multi-panel sheep skin construction winter cap with the natural hide to the exterior and the white sheep’s wool to the interior. The front center of the cap has a second pattern, machine embroidered, Luftwaffe eagle in light grey threads on a cut-out Luftwaffe blue/grey wool base with a separate machine embroidered, padded national tri-color cockade situated just below eagle. The cap features fold down side and back panels with the panels held in position at the top of the cap by a thread loop and a corresponding button. When the side and back panels are in the upright position the sheep’s wool is visible to the exterior. The back and side panels were designed to be folded down to protect the wearer’s ears and neck and the panels could be secured with the fabric loop and button closed under the wearer’s chin as required. The fold down side panels each have a small circular cut-out with a corresponding, overlapping, horizontal, "U" shaped closure panels to each. The side panels also have an additional male snap enabling the horizontal, "U" shaped closure panels to be secured in the open position as required. There is a red tag inside marked 57.

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    Cap-20407

Luftwaffe Winter Fur Cap Luftwaffe Winter Fur Cap Luftwaffe Winter Fur Cap Luftwaffe Winter Fur Cap Luftwaffe Winter Fur Cap Luftwaffe Winter Fur Cap

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