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RZM M7/13 NSKK Dagger

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The blade on this one is in excellent condition! It has a dark and beautifully executed "Alles fur Deutschland" motto and RZM M 7/13 Arthur Schuttelhofer & Co., Solingen-Wald maker mark! The crossgrain is beautiful running the full length of the blade, the tip comes to a perfect point and the blade is perfectly seated to the crossguard. The only distraction is some witness marks from where the runners have rested for the past 80 years. The blade rates Exc++! It has just minor spotting but no age grey. The black painted scabbard is in excellent condition! It remains with near perfect paint and completely dent-free. The plated scabbard fittings are nice and bright and look excellent! The ball is perfectly round and all of the screws remain intact and unturned! There some wee religious type medals pinned to the top ring, who why and when is anyone's guess but this is how the family sent it to me. The scabbard / crossguard fit is could be better. The crossguards look good with only minor plating lifting to some areas. The grip / crossguard fits are great! The brown hardwood grip is in beautiful condition. No chips, cracks or scrapes. The aluminum eagle is beautifully detailed with a perfect fit. The SA roundel retains 100% of its enamel and has a perfect fit. A nice addition straight from the Vet's family!

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    SA-20425

RZM M7/13 NSKK Dagger RZM M7/13 NSKK Dagger RZM M7/13 NSKK Dagger RZM M7/13 NSKK Dagger RZM M7/13 NSKK Dagger RZM M7/13 NSKK Dagger

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