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Civilian Pilot Visor Cap

A Zivil-Flugzeugführer Schirmmütze. The visor is constructed out of a dark blue wool with a interwoven black mohair center-band and dark blue piping. Attached to the obverse is a silver, aluminum-flatwire and gold bullion Civil Pilot winged mobile swastika. The front also features a heavily crazed black lacquered visor peak with a stitched on re-enforcement edge. To the sides are two peened on multi piece tombak based and gild gilded pebbled side buttons that hold the blue and gold rayon interwoven chin cord in place. The interior features a brown sweatband with vent holes to the forehead, a “Deutsches Leder” stamp and a stitched on bowtie to the back. The interior also has a stitched on light blue silk lining (shows stain marks) underneath a stitched on diamond moisture shield (95% stitching remains) with the manufactures mark, in silver: “Verkrufs-Abteilung der Luftwaffe Berlin Vosstr.7”. The cork, to the forehead, underneath the sweatband has dried up and is deteriorating. The visor peak is crazed and the edge shows some material loss. Overall it is in great condition! A very rare visor missing from most collections!

Rating:    Exc++/NM
Item Number:    Vi-20551
Price:    $5,499.95 USD

Civilian Pilot Visor Cap Civilian Pilot Visor Cap Civilian Pilot Visor Cap Civilian Pilot Visor Cap Civilian Pilot Visor Cap Civilian Pilot Visor Cap

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