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Reich’s Chancellery Tapestry

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A Reichskanzlei Tapisserie with Liberator Papers. Obtained from Hitlers Reichs-Tag in 1945. An incredibly impressive piece! A massive, thick and heavy cotton and gilt hand embroidered construction. The rectangular shaped obverse features a black static swastika bordered in a gold tress, surrounded by a white roundel and gold acorn leaf wreath. The roundel is bordered in an exterior square white, black and gold lining and all lies on a red base. To the hoist end a sleeve runs horizontally across. The fly end features a decorative gold twisted bullion fringe. The separately stitched on reverse is red cotton with reinforced corners. There is little soil and minor thread catches/holes throughout. The color is beautiful. The fringe is in wonderful condition. It measures approximately 50 ¾ inches wide by 67 ½ inches wide and weighs a hefty 7.75 lbs. Visually impressive...

Included with the piece is a sworn statement, dated August 8th 1985, from William Finney who was assigned to the Air Transportation Command in Berlin, German during WWII. He obtained the Tapestry from Hitlers Reichs-Tag in Berlin in mid 1945. The photograph was not included when I purchased it.

For more information on this Tapestry see: Lt. Col. Thomas N. Johnson “World War II German War Booty” Columbia 1982, p. 56 ff. with illustration of an identical piece from war souvenirs of American Sgt. Ed. Lukow with his description of Reich's Chancellery "...when I entered one of the rooms, there were two large swastika/gold oak leaf tapestries still hanging on one wall with a huge portrait of Fieldmarshall von Hindenburg between them...".

See time 5:01 Battle of Berlin 1945 - Nazi Germany vs Soviet Union.

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    FL-20578

Reich’s Chancellery Tapestry Reich’s Chancellery Tapestry Reich’s Chancellery Tapestry Reich’s Chancellery Tapestry Reich’s Chancellery Tapestry Reich’s Chancellery Tapestry

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