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TENO EM Dagger

Well guys they can't all be mint!! Gotta love how hefty these babies are! The blade has a matte black maker mark and TENO eagle. The blade has some age grey throughout and have been cleaned hard. The blade rates Exc. The four digit etched number under the crossguard eagle of course matches the stamped number on the scabbard throat, 7092. The number on the throat is pretty much washed out and the two is near invisible. The undented scabbard body retains 99% of the glossy enamel paint with the odd scratch along with some age spidering. The brushed steel scabbard fittings have a bit of wear but on oxidizing. All screws are intact and unturned. The hilt has a matte nickel plated finish over pot-metal, (as all of these are). The plating remains at 99% with nice burnished backgrounds. The perfect grip plates are well fit and secured with the correct bolt and spanner nut assemblies. If you pull these plates you with find the underside of these plates embossed with the Eickhorn logo. Please don't though, I just mention for interest sake.

Rating:    Exc/Exc+
Item Number:    TE-20743
Price:    $2,299.95 USD

TENO EM Dagger TENO EM Dagger TENO EM Dagger TENO EM Dagger TENO EM Dagger TENO EM Dagger

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