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Paul Weyersberg Postal Protection Dagger

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Here we have a beauty postal dagger! The blade on this one is stunning! The crossgrain looks awesome, the fit is nice and tight and the tip comes to a perfect point! The dark acid etched "Paul Weyersberg & Co. Solingen" maker mark is beautifully executed! The blade rates a solid Mint-! No reason for excuses. The black enamel painted scabbard looks great! It retains 99% paint coverage with some age crazing and remains completely dent-free! The nickel plated fittings are in great shape. They have surface scratches throughout yet retain 98% of its factory plating. To the reverse of the top scabbard fitting it has some scratch marks. All of the fittings remain tightly secured with all five screws intact. The solid nickel chain appears to have been shortened and remains in excellent condition! It has 9 ringlets to the top and 11 to the bottom, terminating at a "DRGM" marked clip that is in well working condition! The hilt is in excellent condition, with beautiful details! The crossguard and pommel are nickel plated and match the scabbard fittings in color and wear. The black enameled swastika's remain in perfect condition! The grip on this one remains in excellent shape and way better than most I see! It has a wee crack to the obverse but no flakes or chips! The unique postal insignia is properly pinned proud of the surface, as it should be. The underside of the crossguard is not marked as we see sometimes. Spoke with we known hotel buyer Jason Burmeister on this a few months ago and he stated that he purchased a few of these direct from Vet's families and the unstamped version were the only ones he ever purchased with portepees. The theory being that only the higher ranking officers actually owned their daggers where the stamped ones we carried by lower grades and were the property of the Postal administration, hence the numbers. Much is still to be learned about these but it does make sense to me. Honestly, this is an excellent piece and better than most we come across! Add it to your collection today!

Rating:    Mint-
Item Number:    PO-20749

Paul Weyersberg Postal Protection Dagger Paul Weyersberg Postal Protection Dagger Paul Weyersberg Postal Protection Dagger Paul Weyersberg Postal Protection Dagger Paul Weyersberg Postal Protection Dagger Paul Weyersberg Postal Protection Dagger

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