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TENO Honor Award 1919

A Ehrenzeichen der Technischen Nothilfe by Wilhelm Fühner of Pforzheim. The Technical Emergency Service Honor Award was awarded for service within the Technischen Nothilfe. It is constructed out of two pieces of die struck tombak that have been gold gilded and contain multi-colored enamel work. The obverse features a TENO emblem, which consists of: a red square backing and black mobile swastika, which is all behind a cog wheel that encircles a stylized “TN” (T being the hammer). The emblem (which is a separate piece that has been soldered/crimped to the badge) is above a cog wheel, a diamond shaped sun burst and oak leaves. This is all above the bannered date “1919” and below a TENO left facing, closed winged eagle, clutching the cog wheel and the emblem in its talons. The fullback reverse shows a recessed/crimped portion which reads “Ges. Gesch.” and “700” to the back of the emblem. The badge features the correct round wire soldered tombak catch, soldered tombak block hinge and tombak flat wire pin. The pin is maker marked: “Wilhelm Fühner. Pforzheim”. The enamel work is in 98%+ condition and all of the details throughout make this badge truly an awesome piece! It measures approximately 1 7/16 inches wide by 2 inches tall. Nice!

Rating:    NM
Item Number:    M-20772
Price:    $849.95 USD

TENO Honor Award 1919 TENO Honor Award 1919 TENO Honor Award 1919 TENO Honor Award 1919 TENO Honor Award 1919 TENO Honor Award 1919

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