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DAF Fest Visor Cap

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A Deutsche Arbeitsfront Schirmmütze. It is constructed out of dark blue wool, with a decorative mohair center-band. Attached to the obverse is a DAF cap badge emblem. The oval shaped obverse depicts a DAF logo, which consists of a mobile swastika surrounded by a cog wheel, above a two piece yellow oak leaf and acorn cluster, all on a black backing that is all encircled by a gold rope type pattern. The reverse of the cap badge has two prongs and reads: “RZM 400”. To each side is a peened on multi piece steel based black enamel painted button that holds the black interwoven chin cord in place.The black ribbed center-band is quite unique displaying alternating mobile swastikas and an oak leaf and acorn clusters. The visor peak is cloth covered. The interior features a tan leather sweatband that has a pearl bowtie to the back. The base of the interior has orange ribbed silk lining. Above the lining is a red translucent diamond moisture shield over the manufacturers logo which reads: “Echt Blau Reinwollenes Tuch”. There are several other maker mark stamps throughout. It is in excellent condition! A very rare variation!

Rating:    Exc++/NM
Item Number:    Cap-20805

DAF Fest Visor Cap DAF Fest Visor Cap DAF Fest Visor Cap DAF Fest Visor Cap DAF Fest Visor Cap DAF Fest Visor Cap

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