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SS Rohm by Eickhorn

Rare dagger! Ok, so I got this dagger from a picker without a scabbard and added the correct scabbard to it. The scabbard has a bit more patina than the dagger itself and in a few years the dagger fittings will tone down. The blade on this one is right as rain. It has age, pitting and evidence that someone cleaned it. The acid etched "Meine Ehre heisst Treue" motto and small double oval "Carl Eickhorn Solingen" maker mark are correctly located. The reverse, "In Cordial Friendship Ernst Rohm" is fully intact. The tip looks perfect, as is the fit! The blade rates Exc. The black scabbard looks great! It continues to remain completely dent free. The solid nickel scabbard fittings look excellent remaining dent-free. All four screws remain intact and the ball remains perfectly round! The solid nickel hand-enhanced textbook "HE" crossguards look great. The textbook black hardwood grip has chips to the upper crossguard and flaking and hairlines to the lower guard. These early Eickhorn grips are notorious for being very brittle. I know it sounds bad but I'm trying to be complete here, it continues to look good. The solid nickel eagle is beautifully detailed! The SS roundel retains 100% of its enamel. A extremely rare dagger.

Rating:    Exc/Exc+
Item Number:    SS-20951
Price:    $9,699.95 USD

SS Rohm by Eickhorn SS Rohm by Eickhorn SS Rohm by Eickhorn SS Rohm by Eickhorn SS Rohm by Eickhorn SS Rohm by Eickhorn

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