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Railway Official Sword by WKC

This Railway Official's Lion Head Sword is a very rarely seen piece. The swords was made by WKC and listed as Model #1059. It can be seen in the Angolia book on page 138. Much of the original gilding remains over the quality brass base, probably about 85 to 90% intact. The lion is the style with a large, protruding snout, with lots of fine enhancing evident on the whiskers and brow, as well as the mane which runs partially down the backstrap. The lion is fitted with green eyes. The backstrap is decorated with floral designs and an oval to accept a monogram. The "D" guard has outstanding raised oak leaves and acorns, set on a pebbled background. The crossguard features a very fie, open-winged eagle clutching a wreathed swastika. The quillon ends in a floral curve. Underneath the hilt of the sword is a round circle and Railway wings. Above the wings are the initials "D. R.". Stamped beneath the circle is the number "78". The perfect coating of celluloid is schip and crack-free. The grip is wrapped with a skein of three twisted brass wires, the center strand being a thicker gauge. There is a portepee on this sword which looks to be a high ranking one in gold bullion. This knot shows little wear and is tied in the standard Army knot. The scabbard is straight throughout, with good original paint with evidence of wear. it has a modern railway sticker to the chape. The paint looks to be 95% intact, with only minor age spots in some places. The blade is a fine, nickel-plated example which remains in mint condition. The obverse ricasso is stamped with the Knight Head trademark of the WKC firm. The original black leather blade washer is in place. A very rare sword here, and a great one for an advanced collection.

Rating:    Exc++/NM
Item Number:    SW-20973
Price:    $1,999.95 USD

Railway Official Sword by WKC Railway Official Sword by WKC Railway Official Sword by WKC Railway Official Sword by WKC Railway Official Sword by WKC Railway Official Sword by WKC

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