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DLV Knife by Paul Weyersberg

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A Personalized - Model 1934 DLV Knife (Deutscher Luftfahrt-Verband Fliegermesser) by Paul Weyersberg & Co. of Solingen. The bright blade on this one is excellent! The acid etched “Paul Weyersberg & Co. of Solingen” maker mark is beautifully executed! Stunning crossgrain remains all the way from the hilt to tip. It has a perfect tip and solid fit. The blade rates EXC++/NM. It shows the slightest age greying/spotting and the common surface scratches throughout. The original blue pebbled leather buffer pad continues to remain intact. The steel based blue pebbled leather covered scabbard looks beautiful! 99% coverage and a perfect seam. The solid nickel-silver scabbard fittings look excellent. The ball has the slightest pressure mark very bottom and continues to retain a fine round shape. All four screws remain tightly intact. The throat is marked with the DLV emblem. The scabbard/dagger fit is perfect and check out the remaining lacquer just around it… Beautiful! The solid nickel-silver hilt fitting look excellent, perfectly matching the scabbard fitting in color, wear and patina. The wood based blue pebbled leather covered grip looks great! It shows some age throughout. The end of the crossguard is “K” (kaster) marked. The black enameled swastikas are practically perfect! Finally, the original hanger is intact with a solid well working nickel-silver clip. It is also personalized to the oval attachment reading: “CR”. A beautiful piece you will be sure to love!

Rating:    NM
Item Number:    DLV-21284

DLV Knife by Paul Weyersberg DLV Knife by Paul Weyersberg DLV Knife by Paul Weyersberg DLV Knife by Paul Weyersberg DLV Knife by Paul Weyersberg DLV Knife by Paul Weyersberg

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