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Führer Standard by Fahnen Richter

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A Standarte des Führers und Obersten Befehlshabers der Wehrmacht by Fahnen Richter of Köln. The Führer Standard would be placed in buildings, podiums an aboard naval vessels in the case of Hitler presence. This piece is marine marked and would have been flown on a battleship / naval vessel. It is constructed out of a printed two piece cotton base that has been stitched together to the center. The obverse roundel features a centrally placed stagnant swastika above a white round base encircled by a golden oak leaf wreath that is tied together at top, bottom, left and right sides. The roundel is has two German National Eagles and two Wehrmacht Eagles alternating to each corner, all on a red base and bordered in a thin black, white and black lines. The reverse features a mirror image of the obverse. The hoist end has a stitched on, white cotton re-enforcing edge that has a rope running though the length of it which is looped to the top side and has 80cm long length to the other side. The hoist end is also marked in, black ink, with the naval marine marking “M”, “Führerstandarte” and “IV”. It has a stitched on manufacturers tag which reads: “Fahnen Richter gegr 1869 Köln 8”. The hoist end features the two rectangular reinforcement patches to the top and bottom. The fly end has been folded over and re-enforced with stitching. It features soilage/staining throughout along with minor mothing holes/tears and there is a 3cm by 46cm repair to the top edge. It measures 210cm x 230cm. Previously sold by Hermann Historica in 2013. A rare and desirable standarte.

Rating:    Exc+/Exc++
Item Number:    FL-21309

Führer Standard by Fahnen Richter Führer Standard by Fahnen Richter Führer Standard by Fahnen Richter Führer Standard by Fahnen Richter Führer Standard by Fahnen Richter Führer Standard by Fahnen Richter

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