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SA Belt Buckle

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Here we have an early 1st pattern SA (Sturmabteilung) Belt Buckle. It is constructed out of a two pieces of die struck brass/nickel-silver that has been gold gilded/silver washed. The obverse roundel depicts an open winged SA eagle griping a wreathed mobile swastika in its talons on a smooth round background. The eagle is above a half oak leaf and acorn wreath that is tied together at the bottom and is all in front of a decorative line type pattern which is encircled by two twisted ropes. The silvered roundel lies on a smooth gilded rectangular background. The reverse shows two solder marks (that hold the roundel in place) a brass integral catch and steel plated prongs. It measures approximately 2 1/2inch wide by 1 7/8 inches high. A great looking buckle!

Rating:    Exc+/Exc++
Item Number:    BB-21460

SA Belt Buckle SA Belt Buckle SA Belt Buckle SA Belt Buckle SA Belt Buckle SA Belt Buckle

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