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RZM 1163/38 SS Dagger

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Ok so right off the bat here I'm going to tell you these have become controversial over the past several years. Some folks call them post-war others accept them as original as does Witty in his reference. Me? I prefer to sell items that no one questions, so I'm pricing this to go away. A solid looking piece here! The blade on this one has age stain. The dark acid etched maker mark and "Meine Ehre heisst Treue" motto are weakly executed which is typical for Heilbig. The crossgrain is visible as you rotate this in the sun. The tip comes to a perfectly sharp point and the fit remains nice and tight! The blade rates Exc. The black enamel painted scabbard looks good! It has 99% paint coverage and remains completely dent free! The steel based, nickel plated scabbard fittings look great. They have some spotting throughout yet retain 99% plating coverage. All four screws remain intact and the ball retains its round shape. The less common but completely correct steel based crossguards look excellent! They have a nice finish with a few dots of oxidizing I have not bothered to clean. The black hardwood grip is just beautiful! You hardly ever find them like this! There are a few pressure marks but no cracks, chips, flakes or splits! The aluminum eagle is nicely detailed and fit high in the grip, again a feature typical to the Heibigs. The SS roundel retains 100% of its enamel and sits perfectly in the grip. No returns on this. A bargain for sure.

Rating:    Exc+/Exc++
Item Number:    SS-21487

RZM 1163/38 SS Dagger RZM 1163/38 SS Dagger RZM 1163/38 SS Dagger RZM 1163/38 SS Dagger RZM 1163/38 SS Dagger RZM 1163/38 SS Dagger

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