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Cloth German Cross in Gold

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A Cloth Deutsches Kreuz in Gold. The cross is constructed out of a multi-piece construction, which consists of; a green felt and glued black paper backing base, that is behind a white silk over cotton roundel and black cotton stitching over a cardboard cutout swastika which is all behind hand embroidered flatwire and multicolored cotton threads. The roundel is surrounded by a Juncker style, die struck, tombak based, gold gilded wreath. The obverse features a large centrally placed black mobile swastika, on a white round base, which is then surrounded by a gold laurel leaf and ribbon wreath that is marked “1941” to the bottom. The wreath is outlined with a thin twisted red thread to either side and is surrounded by a thin twisted flatwire line. This is all on a dark grey eight point sunburst pattern that is outlined in flatwire and also lies on a green wool base. The reverse shows a glued on black paper backing that is tightly secured to the reverse. It measures approximately 2 15/16 inches tall and wide. Beautiful cloth, condition and golden wreath! One you won't want to let go!

Rating:    Exc++/NM
Item Number:    M-21526

Cloth German Cross in Gold Cloth German Cross in Gold Cloth German Cross in Gold Cloth German Cross in Gold Cloth German Cross in Gold Cloth German Cross in Gold

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