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Type II Chained SS Dagger

Here’s likely the most desired dagger in the collecting community. The bright blade on this one has some age and some runner marks. The acid etched frosted “Meine Ehre Heißt Treue” motto is beautifully executed, providing an excellent contrast to the bright blade! Good crossgrain remains. The tip comes to a sharp point and the blade / crossguard fit sits just right. The blade rates an easy Exc+/Exc++. The black painted scabbard has some age crazing throughout, with really nice paint coverage, better than 98%. All of the solid nickel scabbard fittings have beautifully patinaed with age, matching the crossguards in color and wear. The ball has a wee "kiss" to the very bottom yet still retains its original shape! There are two dents to the obverse upper side. The early Type II chain is absolutely beautiful and is exactly how you want to see them! The black burnishing really makes all of those wee details pop right out at you! No, it’s not been “redarkened” (as I see some folks have taken to lately). It is SS proof stamped, exactly where you want to see them and the clip works well! All five of the screws remain intact and unturned. The scabbard / crossguard fit is perfect and closes with a snap! The black grip has a few pressure marks and tiny flakes to the reverse lower crossguard fit. The solid nickel eagle is beautifully detailed and sits perfectly in the grip. The SS roundel retains 99% of its enamel and also has a perfect fit. Complete with belt loop. A beautiful piece that would honestly be a prized example in any collection!

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    SS-21558
Price:    $8,999.95 USD

Type II Chained SS Dagger Type II Chained SS Dagger Type II Chained SS Dagger Type II Chained SS Dagger Type II Chained SS Dagger Type II Chained SS Dagger

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