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Type I Chained SS Dagger

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Beauty piece here. Blade is a very nice unmarked example. It has a few very small stains and still retains good crossgrain. The motto is well executed with a grey frosting and shows some minor in/out wear. It rates Exc++/NM. Blade to crossguard fit is excellent. Original crossguards are the heavily plated type. Grip is nicely fit example that has normal small bruises and rubs from period wear. Nickel eagle is lightly worn and properly inlaid. The runes retain 99% of enamel. Dent free scabbard is anodized with 99% of the finish intact. The ball has taken a small hit to the very bottom but retains it’s original shape. The chain is a plated Type I. These plated chains maintain excellent definition and every detail is there. The link holes are the squared off type as you would expect and all the connectors show their original solder. The correct link is deeply SS stamped to the reverse. The skulls and the runes show fine detail right down to the teeth. The spring clip functions fine. The plating is very good with 99% coverage. For those who always ask me, yes there is Part of "DRGM" visible through the cloverleaf hole on the clip. The center fitting is secured by two screws. Scabbard fits perfectly with a pleasing snap. Complete with belt loop. Good textbook dagger.

Rating:    Exc++/NM
Item Number:    SS-21562

Type I Chained SS Dagger Type I Chained SS Dagger Type I Chained SS Dagger Type I Chained SS Dagger Type I Chained SS Dagger Type I Chained SS Dagger

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