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Silver Honor Goblet to RK Winner

A Ehrenpokal der Luftwaffe awarded to Knights Cross Winner (3/19/1942) Oberleutnant Joachim Rieger (5. / Sturzkampfgeschwader 1) by Johann Wagner & Sohn of Berlin. Introduced February 27th 1940, the Luftwaffe Honor Goblet was awarded to Luftwaffe aircrew personnel “For Special Achievement in the Air War”. It is constructed out of a three pieces of die stamped 835 silver. The cup portion features; an octagonal image of two eagles fighting in front of a mountain scene, to the obverse, and a 1st Class Iron Cross, to the reverse, all above a hammer background. The stem displays a bordered oak leaf and acorn design above “Oberleutnant Joachim Rieger AM 3. 3. 41”. The base reads: “Für Besondere Leistung Im Luftkrieg” (For Special Achievement in the Air War). The underside reads: “Joh. Wagner & Sohn 835” and “53”. It has beautifully patinaed and aged. It measures 8 1/8 inches tall by 3 7/8 inches in diameter. Included is: a reproduction case. Rieger He flew in a total of 257 missions. A beautiful Goblet.

RK 19. 3. 1942 as a first lieutenant after death. 11. 6.1934 entry into the Wehrmacht at the 5./inf.-rgt. 2. On April 14, 1936 transferred to the LW and on 1. 2. 1937 as Ltn. To liSt.G.165. From 1. 5. 1937-30. 6. 1938 at derill. Group, July / August193811. Group and from 26. 8.1938 in111./St.G. 51, aie on 6. 7. 1940 in VStG. 1 was renamed. In the Polish campaign he sailed 19 and in the west until the 25th of January 1941 55 hunts. On 1. 7.1940 to the Staffelkpt. the 5./St.G. 1, he made with this squad until 19 2.1941 25 FF against targets in southern England and against the convoys, where they could sink 30,000 GRT in the channel and at the mouth of the Thames. From 25. 2.- 24. 5. 1941 followed missions in the Mediterranean and in North Africa, where his squadron in a successful attack on an English naval unit before Bengali was particularly distinguished and "Bull" Rieger for this on 13 5.1941 by name in the OKW report, followed by participation in the Crete company and from 22. 6. 1941 until his death in Russia.

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