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S-98 nA. by Haenel

Here's a fine example of a S-98 bayonet by WKC. This was the first bayonet authorized for the Mauser in 1898. Super long blade measures 520mm!! This is not serialized, (Imperial examples never are! ) the riccasso is nicely stamped with the makers mark and location. Two piece hardwood grip plates show honest wear stains and bruises. They are secure unslotted bolts that were serrated to the sides of the head ensuring they would not turn during assembly. The nuts are slotted and these required a special tool for removal. Hilt shows matching wear and use. The spine does not have a flash-guard. The scabbard is the std leather body with plated steel fittings, (both proof marked). The lug has a pair two scribed lines. The blade inserts nicely being secured with two runners secured with a front mounted screw. Nice example from the Vet's family to you.

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    BA-23401
Price:    $329.95 USD

S-98 nA. by Haenel S-98 nA. by Haenel S-98 nA. by Haenel S-98 nA. by Haenel S-98 nA. by Haenel S-98 nA. by Haenel

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