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Navy Grand Admiral Flag

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Kriegsmarine Flagge für Großadmirale (1939-1945). It is constructed out of a white canvas cotton base with a multi-colored printed emblem. The square shaped obverse features a centrally placed Wehrmacht eagle on top of two crossed Großadmiral batons and an Iron Cross, on a white background. The reverse features a mirror image of the obverse. The fly end has been folded over and stitched together. It also has 45-degree angle re-enforcing stitching to the fly end corners. The bottom and top end have chain-like re-enforced stitching. The hoist end has been folded and stitched together with another hoist cloth canvas piece that holds a white interwoven cotton mounting that is looped on both ends. The obverse top hoist end has stitched on white rayon tag with blue cotton stitching which features the manufacturers tag, that reads: “Württembergische Cattunmanufactur Heidenheim a. Brz.”. The reverse top hoist end features, in black ink; the identification markings “Gr. Adm Fl” (Großadmirale Falgge), the row position in the KM ships signal flag locker rack “Gr2” (Grössen – Size 2,) and the size “100 / 100” (100cm x 100cm). It features light soilage and mothing holes throughout. A nice and desirable flag.

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    FL-23605

Navy Grand Admiral Flag Navy Grand Admiral Flag Navy Grand Admiral Flag Navy Grand Admiral Flag Navy Grand Admiral Flag Navy Grand Admiral Flag

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