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RAD Leader Dagger by Witte

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A Model 1937 Reichsarbeitsdienst Führer Haumesser by Ernst Erich Witte Solingen. The matte blade on this one is just excellent! The acid etched “Arbeit adelt” motto and Kroneck under a crown and stylized "W" maker mark are both dark, crisp and beautifully executed! The tip and fit are both perfect! The blade rates a Exc++/NM. It shows wittness marks from where the runners rested on the blade for 80 years. The steel based, silver plated dent-free scabbard is excellent. Take a look at the patina… Very nice! It only shows minor wear and surface scratches. It remains dent free. It also displays wonderful details throughout, with the burnished: decorative swirls, random pebbling and wheat leaves. Both throat retaining screw remain intact and unturned. The scabbard fits the hilt perfectly. The alloy based, silver plated hilt looks good. The crossguard retains beautiful detail with the proud RAD emblem front and center. Peek to the reverse and you'll see "L.S." scratched into the surface. No, not a Jeweler done job but it does add interest. The eagle head on the pommel looks great! The damage-free off-white celluloid grip plates are beauties. It is a beautiful RAD Leader dagger that would make for a great addition to any collection!

Rating:    Exc++/NM
Item Number:    RAD-24144

RAD Leader Dagger by Witte RAD Leader Dagger by Witte RAD Leader Dagger by Witte RAD Leader Dagger by Witte RAD Leader Dagger by Witte RAD Leader Dagger by Witte

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