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Early SS Officers Degen by Krebs

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Really nice early degan here. These were authorized for wear personally by Himmler and ownership required a certificate. Each one was, upon being awarded, duly noted in the SS Diensltersliste and became a part of the owner's service record along with his other awards and citations. This example is marked with the earliest Krebs maker mark. The 34" blade rates a NM. The blade has no damage and has that nice factory matte finish with nice smooth surfaces. It remains clean and free of sharpening. The buffer pad is original. The scabbard paint is all original. It is 98% intact with some wear and minor spidering. There are two tiny hits to the reverse I have taken great pains to show you. Really you have to hold this just so to find these. The lower fitting is the "slip fit" type. And the top secured with dome-head screws. Both the top scabbard fitting and the D guard are SS proofed- not necessary but always nice to see. The grip is composed of 13 ribbed sections being separated with its original wire wrap. Look hard at the upper obverse and you can see a few wee flakes. The aliminum SS runes button is correctly burnished to the backgrounds and set into place. Note the button placement, it's just after the fifth rib this is exactly where it should be! The ferrule has nice hand enhancing and is burnished to the backgrounds. All the hilt fittings (with the exception of the runes) are solid non-magnetic nickel. The pommel has the early cap under the pommel cap. The cap is undisturbed evidence this has never been disassembled. This early type is preferred by collectors. Wittmann clearly describes this on pg 352 of his SS reference. This is a completely correct SS Officer Degan you will be proud to own!

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    SW-24194

Early SS Officers Degen by Krebs Early SS Officers Degen by Krebs Early SS Officers Degen by Krebs Early SS Officers Degen by Krebs Early SS Officers Degen by Krebs Early SS Officers Degen by Krebs

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