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SA Dagger by RZM M7/13

Model 1933 - Sturmabteilung Dienstdolch by RZM M7/13 - Arthur Schuttelhofer & Co. of Solingen-Wald. The 221mm blade on this one is excellent! The dark and crisp acid etched “Alles für Deutschland” motto and “RZM M7/66 1941” maker mark are beautifully executed! The crossgrain wonderfully shines against the light, running the full length of the blade! The fit is nice and tight! There is a wee hit 1" north of the tip on one edge. The blade rates a Exc++/NM. It shows the slightest spotting and surface scratches throughout. The scabbard is steel based and brown painted. It shows wear and spidering. It continues to remain completely dent free and retains 98%+ paint coverage! The steel based, nickel-silver plated scabbard fittings are in excellent condition, retaining 98% plating coverage. The ball has one wee kiss you will have to go looking to find. All four screws are tightly secured! The scabbard / crossguard fit is near perfect. The crossguards are zinc based and nickel-silver plated. They show some minor age and wear. The brown hardwood grip looks good. It shows a hair line to the reverse lower left.The solid aluminum eagle is nicely detailed. The SA roundel is retains 99%+ of its enamel and has a perfect fit! A nice example.

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    SA-26105
Price:    $699.95 USD

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SA Dagger by RZM M7/13 SA Dagger by RZM M7/13 SA Dagger by RZM M7/13 SA Dagger by RZM M7/13 SA Dagger by RZM M7/13 SA Dagger by RZM M7/13

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