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Early SA by JP Sauer & Sohn

An early model 1933 Sturmabteilung Dienstdolch by J. P. Sauer & Sohn of Suhl. A little known fact but the famous pistol maker Sauer was a true quality maker of SA daggers too! The blade on this one has been cleaned somewhat lightning the etching. The acid etched "Alles fur Deutschland" motto and "J.P. Sauer & Sohn Suhl Gegr. 1751" still are easily readable. The fit remains nice and tight and the tip comes to a perfect point! The blade rates an easy Exc. It shows grey throughout. The brown anodized scabbard body looks good. It has a great lacquered finish but suffers a few good dents to the reverse. The solid nickel scabbard fittings look good matching the crossguards in color and wear. The ball has a wee bruise to its bottom. All four screws remain intact. The reverse of the lower crossguard is marked "Mi" (Mitte). The scabbard / crossguard fit is perfect! The brown oak grip looks excellent! Just the common pressure marks but no cracks, chips or splits! The grip / crossguard fits are near perfect! The solid nickel eagle retains beautiful detail and has a perfect fit. The SA roundel has a perfect fit and retains 93% of its enamel. Finally included is a well worn 3 piece hanger. The wee strap that goes around the grip is torn. Cut it off and throw it away or leave it, regardless I'm leaving this as I got it. An excellent SA all around!

Rating:    Exc+
Item Number:    SA-26257
Price:    $699.95 USD

Early SA by JP Sauer & Sohn Early SA by JP Sauer & Sohn Early SA by JP Sauer & Sohn Early SA by JP Sauer & Sohn Early SA by JP Sauer & Sohn Early SA by JP Sauer & Sohn

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