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NSKK Leader Dagger by Eickhorn

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A nice early one! The blade one has a few remnants of fingerprint stain, the crossgrain is still clear and the etch is nice and dark! Just minor age throughout. The dent-free scabbard is a nice one with 99% of its original painted surface intact. There are a few wee scratches from where the chain has rubbed the paint over the past 75 years. scratches. The ball is perfectly round and all five screws remain intact! The plated chain is in good shape. It has some very minor plating loss from honest period wear. For those of you who like to follow me against the textbooks, indeed the correct link is stamped "NSKK Korpsf├╝hrung Musterschutz". All this is correct and textbook. The link holes are the correct horseshoe shape and the snap functions well! The scabbard / crossguard fit is perfect and closes with a snap. Peek at the obverse of the links and you can see factory frosting to the recesses! Nice, you just can't fake this stuff. The crossguards retain good plating, 99%! There is only minor loss right at the wood, exactly where you expect to see it. The beautiful multi-toned hardwood grip displays excellent grain with tones from light brown to black. It has a few pressure marks and a wee hairline running north from the roundel, other than that this is chip and crack-free. The early desirable nickel eagle is perfectly fit. The roundel retains 100% of its enamel and also has a perfect fit. Nice dagger.

Rating:    Exc++/NM
Item Number:    NSKK-26271

NSKK Leader Dagger by Eickhorn NSKK Leader Dagger by Eickhorn NSKK Leader Dagger by Eickhorn NSKK Leader Dagger by Eickhorn NSKK Leader Dagger by Eickhorn NSKK Leader Dagger by Eickhorn

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