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Luftwaffe Sword by SMF

Here we have a Luftwaffe Sword (Fliegerschwert) by SMF! The single fuller, double edged and plated 29 inch long blade has age stain and fingerprint stains. the tip has ptiing and stain. The "SMF Solingen" maker mark is crisp, dark and beautifully executed, peek just about it and you will see an inspections stamp. The fit remains nice and tight! The blades rates and easy VG. It shows the typical surface scratches/runner marks. The blue pebbled buffer pad remains intact. The aluminum based blue pebbled, leather scabbard body remains in good condition! It has a dent just above the reverse drag and the odd pressure mark/scuff, I have also shown you the worse of the damage. Were this mine I would apply some blue shoe wax that would clean this up nicely. Certainly 97% leather remains. Pommel is correctly hand enhanced with wee oak leaves and acorns. The pommels maintain their factory gilt to the swas's. The leather is all original. All headless scabbard screws are present. The grip leather remains in excellent condition! The aluminum double wire wrap remains tightly intact. The hanger is lost to time. A reasonably priced example fit for your collection!

Rating:    Exc
Item Number:    SW-26304
Price:    $849.95 USD

Luftwaffe Sword by SMF Luftwaffe Sword by SMF Luftwaffe Sword by SMF Luftwaffe Sword by SMF Luftwaffe Sword by SMF Luftwaffe Sword by SMF

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