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SS Dagger by RZM 1054/38

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Here's a reasonably priced SS. I Got this one and I'm sure someone deNazified it at some point and It's beer restored. The blade rates Exc++. It's has some small scratches and fingerprint stains. This has been cleaned and the etches are still deep and clear. There is no sharpening, the fits are good. The painted scabbard has a few wee scratches and chips with excellent paint coverage and remains dent-free. The plated fittings are in excellent condition, all of the screws remain intact, the ball is round. The plated crossguards are also in fair condition showing some plating loss/ wear. The pommel nut has been turned. The aluminum eagle is quite correct but seeing the gouges around it I have to assume this was removed at some point and this is an original, be replaced. It remains nicely detailed. The ss runes are similar as there are gouges around it, So it is a post-war replacement. It retains 90% of its enamel. Nope not perfect but finding one under $2k is pretty hard.

Rating:    Exc/Exc+
Item Number:    SS-26313

SS Dagger by RZM 1054/38 SS Dagger by RZM 1054/38 SS Dagger by RZM 1054/38 SS Dagger by RZM 1054/38 SS Dagger by RZM 1054/38 SS Dagger by RZM 1054/38

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