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Army Dagger Rig

An unmarked model 1935 - Wehrmacht Heer Dolch. The cleaned blade on this one has some age and gray. The fit is nice and tight and the tip comes to a perfect point. The blade rates a Exc. It shows the odd runner rest spot and minor scratches throughout. The large leather buffer pad continues to remain intact. The undented steel based, nickel silver plated scabbard provides wonderful detail with the random pebbling and hand enhanced oak leaf and acorn bands. The original single side throat retaining screw remains intact. The nickel silver plated crossguard provides beautiful details throughout the eagle’s head, wings, wreath, beak and chest. The pommel and ferrule are also beautifully detailed with proud oak leaves and acorns throughout. All matching fittings. The orange glass grip has some small flea bites, (small chips) and stain. This comes with a frayed portepee, the frays are hidden behind the cord and are not too apparent. Included is a set of horseshow hangers. They look odd as one strap has aged lighter than the other. The straps have not been messed with but I don't know what the different look is from. Regardless this is a nice example.

Rating:    Exc/Exc+
Item Number:    AR-34207
Price:    $999.95 USD

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