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Knights Cross by Klein and Quenzer

This is the one award every collection should have! This is the complete set of Klein and Quenzer's second model Knights Cross, ribbon and issue case! What a beautiful example! The Knights Cross is a die struck, three-piece construction (single piece, black painted iron core and two piece frosted alloy frame). The obverse features a larger pattee style cross with a centrally placed embossed swastika, above an embossed "1939" all in black with a bright frosted ribbed and flat boarder. The reverse is a mirror image of the obverse except with no swastika and an embossed "1813" where the "1939" is. To the top of the cross is an integral ring. Just below the ring, to the reverse side, is the silver content designation "800". A suspension loop is attached to the ring and is also correctly marked with the Prasidialkanzlei (PZK) number ?65" (Klein and Quenzer) and again with the silver content designation "800". The frosted border of the cross remains bright and shines beautifully in the light! There is some minor frosting wear, yet more than 90% remains intact! The black matte finished paint looks excellent and is fully retained! It only shows some minor surface wear. The lack of the later 12 o'clock arm flaws indicate a production date of late '43-early 1944. The cross is truly a pristine example!!! This piece wouldn't be complete without the ribbon and case! The ribbon is 51cm long, 1 3/4 inch wide, ribbed and made of red white and black rayon! The ribbon is in excellent condition! The case is wood based, with a simulated, grained, black leather covering and rounded corners. To the front is a magnetic, spring loaded, closure button. To the back is a magnetic, staggered, internal bar hinge. Both the hinge and the closure button function well. The interior of the top lid of the case is lined in white satin and has an underlying pad. The bottom interior flocking outlines a Knights Cross. The case is in superb condition! Overall this piece is in excellent condition and is one everyone wants. Now it's your chance! This piece comes with an 8 page COA with a complete write-up and color pictures from Dietrich Maerz. For more information see pages 198-204 of Dietrich Maerz's book ?The Knights Cross of the Iron Cross?.

Rating:    Exc++
Item Number:    M-9257

Knights Cross by Klein and Quenzer Knights Cross by Klein and Quenzer Knights Cross by Klein and Quenzer Knights Cross by Klein and Quenzer Knights Cross by Klein and Quenzer Knights Cross by Klein and Quenzer

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