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Puma RZM 1052/38/SS

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Well I get lots of guys telling me they just want one that's unmessed with!! Here is is. A rare RZM these were just recently attributted to Pumawerk (Lauterjung & Sohn), Solingen or better know to those in the hobby as just "Puma" after a tagged example surfaced a couple years or so ago. Listed in Wittmanns reference pg 162 you can pencil in Puma beside it. I was fortunate enough to purchase this from the Veterans daughter. The blade is very nice having excellent crossgrain and a nice burnished motto. Exc++. Blade grows out of the crossguard it's so well fit. These guards are nickel plated with flakimg and lifting. The grip is in ok shape having some flakes toward the lower obverse crossguard and chips to the reverse. The nickel eagle is perfectly fit and the runes all their enamel. The grip fits the crossguards well. Dent-free scabbard has pretty good original paint with oxidizing and crazing the worse being to the obverse. The scabbard fittings have some minor oxidation that I have not tried to clean up. The fittings are all matching and the ball is near perfect. It fits perfectly with a nice snap. All the screws are intact. Come with it's original hanger. An original SS that's never been taken down.

Rating:    Exc+/Exc++
Item Number:    SS-9433

Puma RZM 1052/38/SS Puma RZM 1052/38/SS Puma RZM 1052/38/SS Puma RZM 1052/38/SS Puma RZM 1052/38/SS Puma RZM 1052/38/SS

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