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Thanks so much folks for your comments I value each of you. The highest compliment you can give us is to recommend us to a friend or associate. If you know of anyone that could benefit from our products or services, we would appreciate that!

Here is a sampling of some feedback from happy customers.

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"Paul and Nathan super patient dealing with less than computer literate dude. Professional great to do business with."

- Jim anderson (Wis.) February 20, 2019

" Hi Paul, Nathan and all I just wanted you to know I got my recent purchases and I am very happy. Your packaging is always perfect and your items are high quality and priced reasonably On another site I saw a high dollar fake sell, and that is one more reason I buy from you, your knowledge is appreciated deeply"

- jh (Mo.) February 15, 2019

"Paul was easy to work with. I'd use him again"

- john (kansas) February 08, 2019

"I have had the pleasure of dealing with Paul and Nathan several times now, honest and professional guys, highly recommended,will be back"

- Stephen (New Zealand ) February 03, 2019

"Sold an item to Paul from the German Imperial Period. He gave me a very fair price and paid promptly, It was a pleasure ding business with him."

- TJD (Florida) January 30, 2019

"I had a WW II era German knife that had some value but didn’t know how to sell it. Paul made me a very good offer based on photos and contingent upon inspection. The entire transaction was very easy and Paul kept in touch with me throughout the entire process. Thanks Paul! Very pleased."

- John (Bend, Oregon) January 30, 2019

"Paul gave me a good deal on a German SA Dagger that my husband had bought from him several years ago. Great Transaction."

- JoanD (Houston, TX) January 28, 2019

"Second time buying from LST and another great experience. Will definitely be shopping here again!"

- Dave (Cleveland Ohio) January 16, 2019

"I’d just like to thank you for continually sending new item pics. I only purchased one item in like three years but I’m sure something will come up that’s in my price range and I’ll purchase. Thanks again. rnDaniel "

- Norton (rhode island ) January 06, 2019

"Paul was amazing to deal with. After having attempted to deal with someone else that was far less professional and attempted to deceive me, finding Paul was a blessing. Thank-you for an easy and smooth transaction and for being prompt with emails and all communication. This is a man I highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a buyer!!!"

- Julie (Oregon) December 25, 2018

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I look forward to serving you too!