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Thanks so much folks for your comments I value each of you. The highest compliment you can give us is to recommend us to a friend or associate. If you know of anyone that could benefit from our products or services, we would appreciate that!

Here is a sampling of some feedback from happy customers.

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"Paul made this transaction easy for someone like me who has never done this before. He responded promptly, offered a fair price, provided clear instructions how to ship the items to Canada, and sent payment promptly. It was a pleasure doing business with him, and I highly recommend him to others."

- Dan (California) May 03, 2022

"Great buyer, great communication, fast payment. A pleasure to do business with"

- Austin (Florida) April 26, 2022

"Very responsive and great to work with. Quick payment as well!"

- Nolan (Michigan) April 20, 2022

"Everything went great. I sent German dagger and upon arrival and examination immediately received payment as it was agreed previously. "

- IM (Virginia) April 15, 2022

"I had two German medals to sell and sought Paul's advice. He informed me that one was a reproduction and he purchased the other one. A very easy and smooth transaction. Highly recommend!"

- CV (Virginia ) April 06, 2022

"Sold a WWII dagger, and it was a breeze. Paul could not have been nicer or more efficient. Thank you!"

- JW (North Carolina) March 24, 2022

"I sold a WWII German helmet and dagger and got a fair price and a pleasant and relatively easy transaction."

- PK (Ohio) March 10, 2022

"Sold a couple of German WW2 medals to Paul. Super efficient service and a pleasure to deal with."

- B (United Kingdom) March 09, 2022

"Although I had concerns about a cross border transaction, Paul knew the correct terminology and procedures to facilitate the transaction. He also knew to be patient with US and Canadian mail service."

- TLE (California) March 01, 2022

"Purchased a dagger some time ago and there was no problems at all! Sold another today and again, no problems! Really friendly staff and great communication."

- Tobias (Sweden) March 01, 2022

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I look forward to serving you too!