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Thanks so much folks for your comments I value each of you. The highest compliment you can give us is to recommend us to a friend or associate. If you know of anyone that could benefit from our products or services, we would appreciate that!

Here is a sampling of some feedback from happy customers.

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"Received the package today. All is fine as I knew it would be. That Max Weyersberg 2nd Luft is a beauty. Thanks...."

- D.R. (Texas) January 03, 2014

"I received the package Friday and couldn't be happier. This is the first chance I've had to E mail you. My experience with you was "First Rate" and the dagger was very accurately described. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with you in the future."

- K.S. (Florida) March 21, 2014

"...before and waited 2 weeks to show up so I didn't expect it till next week... Thanks"

- Tennessee (P.C.) December 07, 2013

"I am very pleased with the dagger that I bought from you... I would not hesitate to buy from you again."

- B.T. (Ohio) December 05, 2013

"Wow, Paul what can I say thanks very much I received my parcel and also received a very nice surprise upon opening thanks heaps for the armband your service is A1,I am very happy with the dagger..."

- A.G. (Australia) March 31, 2014

"...was no problem, I am very happy and am going to keep it. The badge was a pleasant surpise... Thanks"

- G.D. (Florida) December 01, 2013

"Got the Hlinka last night, it looks fine, thanks..."

- G.W. (England) November 11, 2013

"I got the flag on Sat. My fault, I could not get to the post office until then. The flag is a beauty."

- T.D. (Toronto) September 03, 2013

"The Land Customs arrived today. It is wonderful. Thanks so much. I was struck by how "silver"; the aluminum fittings were! Anyway---it's great!"

- G.H. (Germany) September 02, 2013

"Thanks for the great examples of these 2 knives!!!!! This is just the condition I've been wanting!"

- R.D. (Illinois) August 03, 2013

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I look forward to serving you too!